Spring is just four days away and so much of the world is waking up. It makes me so happy – almost giddy.

This past weekend, I participated in our annual St. Patrick’s Day race downtown – a rite of passage into spring. While I had a great time as so many people filled our streets with green (we do St. Patrick’s Day really well here), my mind continues replay a moment with a fellow participant I saw in the post-race area. People were shoulder to shoulder in the walkways, shuffling like herds of sheep trying to make their way to the finishers medals and the complimentary pretzels and beer. But I watched as this man stepped off onto the grass to pause and look up at a flowering tree just beginning to open. Then he reached up and gently pulled a bloom to his nose. He closed his eyes and breathed in.

I couldn’t help but marvel. In the aftermath of an event with a goal of moving as quickly as possible, he fully paused in appreciation, completely shutting out the hubbub around him. Just watching him filled me with admiration and peace. Such a brief moment, but so, so profound.

I have tucked away his example in my spirit and will carry it with me moving forward.

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