Before the Rain

…today in Lone Elk Park: Some gorgeous reflections… …a startled raccoon… …an indifferent elk… …and a couple of cranky geese parents and their awkwardly unattractive offspring. Not shown: a deer, turkey and a heron. Not bad for an impromptu drive through the park.


“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” – Rainer Marie Rilke St. Louis, spring looks really good on you.


“You might think that you don’t matter in this world, but because of you, someone has a favorite mug to drink their tea out of that you bought them. Someone hears a song on the radio and it reminds them of you. Someone has read a book you recommended to them and gotten lost in…

Tulip Trot

When my friend and I signed up for a “tulip trot” in the Garden, winterish weather wasn’t what we had in mind.  But that’s what it was — super cold and rainy. But it’s the Botanical Garden. And the Botanical Garden is always beautiful. We didn’t bother to trot, but we did get to see…

Life Lately…

…according to the iPhone. Three guesses as to what season it is: Hint: it’s not winter. (Above: Around the neighborhood; Below: Trail run) (Below: cookie decorating class) Fully enjoying every bit of this beautiful SPRING.

Daffodil Dash

Did my first trail run today at the Shaw Nature Reserve — the Daffodil Dash! This was my start line view. View from the trail. Finish line view! And my finisher’s “medal.”

Weekend Adventures

“For the highs and lows and moments between, mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, for where you are now and where you will go, for “I’ve always known,” and “I told you so,” for nothing is happening,” and “all has gone wrong,” it is all in this journey you will learn to be strong. And…


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henri Matisse  From my kitchen window… …to our local Botanical Garden… ….there is so much beauty in the world.

Unexpected Guest

My neighbors’ chickens had a visitor this morning. A lovely, unusual visitor. Their ruckus would indicate that I was more enthused about and fascinated with this guest than the chickens were. Fortunately he mostly napped before taking his leave. Isn’t he a beauty?

Fire and Ice

In the span of one week: Fire in the sky… …ice on the ground… …and ice on a windshield. Nature. is. Amazing.

Nature’s Design

“Art takes nature as its model.” – Aristotle This was the frozen lake surface at a nearby park on Friday. The natural designs reminded me of modern art line drawings. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. By the way, today’s temperatures were close to 70 degrees. Good thing I got these icy photos when I did.

Snow Day

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” – Aristotle Or to walk in the cold. To appreciate a lot of snowflakes.

Christmas in the Desert – Part II

The football game was all about my boys, the light festival was for all of us, but the Desert Botanical Garden was my Christmas gift. Although as it turned out, we all loved it. Our Botanical Garden has a reciprocal agreement with this garden, so we only had to pay admission for one of us….

Christmas in the Desert

This was the view from the plane over Arizona — a trip that was our family Christmas gift. It was last-minute, very brief and it’s a long story, but what an amazing time! Here is the reason we chose Phoenix: my oldest son is a Rams fan; my youngest fan is a Cardinals fan and…

So much more

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir This morning I went out to get some fresh air at a local nature reserve after several days of cold and rain. Sunny and warmer than we’ve seen in days, the weather seemed to draw dozens of families to the trails….

Start Digging

“Finding yourself” is not really how it works. You aren’t a ten-dollar bill in last winter’s coat pocket. You are also not lost. Your true self is right there, buried under cultural conditioning, other people’s opinions and inaccurate conclusions you drew as a kid that became your beliefs about who you are. “Finding yourself” is…


Always remember you are braver than you believe Stronger than you seem Smarter than you think and loved more than you know.