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“It is the small joys and little pleasures that the greatest of our days are built.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Day thirty actually had a number of small joys – something I don’t always say about a Monday. But today was kinda fun for a myriad of simple reasons.

  • The first that pops to mind is something that only people who communicate with me often will understand. In a nutshell, I’ve been entering a daily online contest to win a silly Funko that I really want — and today (after countless tries and enlisting my best friend and children to try as well) I finally won!
  • The day was spent working from my dining room table with the back door open, a soft breeze drifting through the screen and lightly lifting the curtains. Soothed me all day long.

  • My brother sent me a video of his grand baby who has just learned to walk. It is impossible not to smile.
  • I listened to multiple episodes of my favorite podcast, which felt so indulgent.

  • Finn and I put the top down on the car and headed to the park, finishing up a long walk just as daylight faded. This ritual produces a smiling Finn face like nothing else.
  • There was a horned owl sighting upon our arrival. (According to the leader of the bird nerd herd, it was Charles, the male. Apparently Sophie is MIA and a new mate is in the picture.)

  • I took a number of photos using my Hipstamatic app – with some super neat results (above) that I don’t think I will know how to replicate.
  • A mystery was solved in that I figured out why there have been busted oyster shells strewn about on the banks of the streams in the park. I spotted raccoon tracks in the mud next to some shells. Somebody’s been snacking on more than just the contents of the trash cans.

Anyway, just a very nice day. There’s just something about the cooler days of fall that is so calming and lovely.

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  1. Kelli says:

    Happy to help with the Funko’s! Your post reminded me to check again this morning. I did not win. 😦
    As for poor Sophie, what does the bird nerd herd *giggle about the name* think happened to her?? 😦 It was Charles we saw in the park, right?

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    1. Aww, thank you for checking though!! ❤️ They haven’t had a Sophie sighting since June, apparently. We got to see Charles that day – and apparently a new female (as yet unnamed) has been spotted recently. It feels very soap-opera-ish.


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