Dolce far niente

I have a small practice of typing random tidbits into the notepad on my phone. Just a hodgepodge of to-dos, names to add to my prayer list, shopping lists, quotes I want to revisit, that sort of thing. But today as I was scrolling through my note library to locate a recipe, I noticed this entry: Dolce far niente. That’s it. No source, no explanation, and NO idea where I got it. So I looked it up to see if I could figure it out.

Dolce far niente | noun | pleasant idleness. An Italian concept of “sweet doing nothing.”

How great is that?

Beyond my wonderfully random Italian lesson, my little delight for day twenty-nine was having this tiny bee float into my composition while taking this photograph. Usually just the opposite happens when I want to photograph a butterfly or bee — I have to chase them around. But this little one just popped in to say hi.

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