“Spend the day appreciating every little thing that comes your way, and you’ll end the day feeling deeply grateful for your life.” 

The other day I posted an exercise from Bella Grace, my favorite magazine. Today I’m following it up with another. This exercise poses the question: What are some of the things that may seem insignificant to others but fill your heart with happiness? List as many as you can think of.  I won’t list everything that comes to mind, but I will list a few.

– Looking for animal shapes in the clouds
– Fresh peaches
– Dappled sunlight through the curtains
– Sunflowers past peak season
– Kids’ Baking Champion Competition

– The stunning details of flowers
– Monarchs migrating
– Rainbows after a soaking rain
– Sidewalk chalk art
– Farmer’s Market transition from summer to fall

– Writing in a fresh notebook
– Seeing baby deer along my running route
– Babies’ laughter. And feet. And bellies.
– Sunsets
– Saint cards

– My neighborhood bakery’s cookies
– Picking new paint colors
– My favorite tattered sweatshirt and fleece pajama pants
– Planning adventures, big and small
– Hilarious texts from my kids

Here’s to a new weeks and lots of little joys.

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