15 Things to Savor

“Don’t slide though life. Savor it. Slow down, be kind, pay attention. Because this isn’t going to happen again.” – Carrie Fisher

I subscribe to a magazine called “Bella Grace” and it’s one of my favorite indulgences in the world. It’s like a deep, relaxing breath of fresh air, offering exercises and activities focused on beauty, mindfulness, creativity and calm. In the new issue that arrived this weekend, one of the exercises is called “15 Things to Savor Slowly” — and I figured I’d share my list here, along with some recent photos from around town.

My 15 Things to Savor Slowly include, in no particular order:

1.) Walks around the Botanical Garden
2.) Mint-chocolate chip ice cream

3.) Extra pillow time that comes when you have a day to sleep in
4.) A new book

5.) Mixing cupcake batter in the standing mixer
6.) A fresh chai latte

7.) Petting my cats as they lounge in the sun
8.) Listening to rain patter on the roof

9.) Talks with my kids
10.) Shopping for new flowers

11.) Watching butterflies flit from bloom to bloom
12.) A long, hot shower after a tough run

13.) Closing my eyes and feeling the breeze in my hair and sun on my face
14.) Introducing family to the Citygarden with a nice stroll

15.) Watching people enjoy public spaces

More exercises to come.

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