In a word…

Summarize your nutritional goals for 2013 in one word. That was the challenge I read the other day. While I’m not big on resolutions, this article caught my attention. Pick one word, look up its definition and use it as your mantra   in every choice you make. I like that. But when I looked up the definition of my word, I wondered why this strategy needed to be restricted to nutritional goals. Why not use this one-word mantra to serve as the framework for my entire lifestyle?

More about that in a minute.

If I had to sum up 2012 in one word, “change” would be the obvious choice. “Change,” by definition, is to make the form, nature, content or future course of something different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone. And boy, did things change. (LOTS of links in this post, by the way.)


There was a graduation…followed by a big move. My two kids became two college students.

tanner distance

In addition to changes at home, there was a new job and total change of career.


Then there was chemo. The badthe sad…and (finally) the end.


But for all of the upheaval that last year brought, I realize that some things in my life never change. For example, I will always love adventures with my family.


We had a penguin parade, a birthday road trip to Memphis, and a Mother’s Day session with Stingrays.


drew and tanner

We had a big adventure on the West Coast… one of my favorite vacations so far.

drew and tanner with skylineyellow with lighthouseIMG_3030planking IMG_2508

We ran a colorful 5k


…and saw a very special parade.


With all of the “change” that came last year, I think the word “acceptance” could also apply, time…and time again.



And maybe just a little “encouragement.”


Sometimes A LOT of encouragement.


With a sprinkle of “accomplishment.

home stretch

Tough yet tremendous, 2012 was quite a year. So the word of choice next year?


But not in the sinless, blameless, Lutheran guilt sense of the word. I mean “pure” according to this definition: “free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes; containing nothing that doesn’t properly belong.” Eat what nourishes my system, not what contaminates. Commit my time and thoughts to what fosters good, not what breaks down. Surround myself with people who are inspiring, positive and kind, minimize interactions with those who are less than honorable. Challenge myself to do what I am able, stop overextending.

A life that is free from what doesn’t belong.
Okay, 2013…let’s do this.


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