Go! St. Louis Halloween 10k Run

Lookie how my morning started! My very first 10k race!
Pictured above are my new running buddies sporting their BUTTerfly wings.
Yes, we absolutely had as much fun as this would indicate.
Some people really took the costume contest seriously.
But the fisherman and fish combo was my fave. These were attached, mind you. Talk about coordination.

But my favorite part of this morning was at the finish line. And not just because I ran a personal best (a faster version of slow) or because, well, we were finished. It was who was waiting for me.
Look who got up at oh-gawd-o’clock to come out and support their momma.

Best. Day. Ever.
I even got a medal!
Given that I was raised a coach’s kid, I don’t typically support the self-esteem movement that dictates that every kid get a trophy for showing up to the game. But today, I showed up. I was slower than a lot of folks. It was my first race — in the 40-44 age division. I’ve worked really hard.
I love my participation medal.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    You go girl! I am so inspired by you…maybe I need to get off the couch?! Love that your boys were there, too. You are very blessed.


  2. Kelli says:

    Love, Love, LOVE the last picture! Your boys are the best and YOU, my friend, are the best! Congrats on running your first 10K and I’d be willing to bet you did awesome, even if you do think you were running “slow”. 🙂 So happy and proud of you!


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