Glimpse One Explained (and part of Glimpse Two)

After a wonderful adventure in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, we’re home and I’m wading through lots and lots and LOTS of photos — photos that will hopefully explain some of the iPhone “glimpses” that I posted throughout the week.
We stayed with my Uncle Don and Aunt Gloria, the most generous and loveliest of hosts, and boy, did they spoil us rotten.
After picking us up at the airport, they took us on a little detour in Tacoma after lunch.
We saw the Chihuly Bridge of Glass

…and these amazing glass sculptures behind plexiglass called the Venetian Wall…
(from left to right: Tanner, Drew and Uncle Don)

…and the Crystal Towers.

The bridge leads to the Museum of Glass and a “Hot Shop” (cone-shape below) with glass blowing demonstrations.

 After our colored glass detour and some lunch, we headed home.
It’s tough to describe where my aunt and uncle live and actually do it justice, but this is the view from their house.
This is the first thing you see out a picture window when you walk through their front door.
Our jaws dropped.

Jaws dropped further when the clouds cleared and gave us a full view of the mountains.

In addition to the koi pond shown in Glimpse One, their yard was landscaped beautifully, filled with lots of lovelies in bloom.

And in Glimpse Two, there was a sneak peek of our new buddy, Gus.

Happy, well-mannered, and sparky, Gus fast became our buddy and travel companion.
We already miss him!

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  1. Amy says:

    I love Gus! I want to smooch his face. And love that glass! Looks like the ceiling at the Bellagio in Las Vegas…need to go there sometime and see the wonderful glass art!


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