The world is full of beauty waiting to be noticed. When we look closely, we can see things we never noticed before, like the way light shines on a tree or the pretty patterns of a butterfly. By doing this we can learn to love and appreciate the world and all it has to offer….

Howdy, neighbor

After receiving a lovely visitor recently, a new visitor has been making regular appearances out back. So much so that I’m wondering if he’s actually a neighbor/resident. He’s noisy, twitchy and bosses the other birds around. But he’s pretty neat and I hope he’s happy in the neighborhood.

Whoo’s there

Check out this spectacular visitor to my back yard over the weekend. He first dropped in late Friday afternoon, his arrival announced by a flurry of irritable crows and bluejays squawking and bouncing about. When he showed up again on Saturday, he had an even crankier antagonist — a very large red-tailed hawk. I couldn’t…

Must be October

The above cardinal from yesterday was my day twenty-three delight. This lovely creature lingered in my back yard for much of the afternoon, his unmistakable song drifting through my screen door. I think he likes the berries on that tree. Of course, if you live in St. Louis, a cardinal in October means something very…

Hello, little friend

Hummingbirds are so hard for me to photograph. But this guy seems to be used to me and isn’t in a hurry to leave the feeder, so I was in luck. It is oddly satisfying when these little ones not only stop in my yard for their nutrition, but they feel safe enough to pause…

And yoooo are…? (Part 2)

In addition to getting a better look at the mama owl in Forest Park (and finally one of her babies), guess who recently paid me another visit? This amazing creature chilled outside my back door for almost an entire day, from mid-morning until nightfall. I have no idea what the appeal of this spot was,…

And yooou are…?

This lovely creature took some time to rest in my back yard this morning. And this was the look that was sent my way when I disturbed him/her. The definition of stink eye.


“What makes you different is what makes you beautiful.” Or in the case of the little bird perched at the top of the tree, being “different” meant being a lot less crowded. I loved this image so much when I got it home and really looked at it. I’d taken it with my phone out…

How it started…

…and how it’s still going. We saw this nest of eggs on Mother’s Day and have loved watching the little family evolve ever since. I suspect the next time I walk by the nest will be empty.

How it started…how it’s going

I spotted this pending family on Mother’s Day… …and this is what they look like now. Are miracles ever in more abundance than in the springtime? It boggles my mind.

Just Humming Right Along

Earlier this summer, our neighbors gave me a hummingbird feeder for my “birthday.” And it has been one of my greatest sources of joy this summer. It hangs right outside our glass patio door, just a few feet away from where I’ve set up my home “office.” I have loved watching every single tiny whirring…

Saying hello to the neighbor

Not long ago, I learned that we now have a pair of great horned owls living in our neighborhood. And lucky me, I got to take a good look at one of them! (I also got a good listen — goodness, what a talker!) It was getting dark, so I was a little worried about…

Got it

While imperfect, I finally got a photo of the male Cardinal feeding the female. How sweet is this? Humans should take note.

Love – Part II

For almost a week now, I’ve watched a pair of downy woodpeckers perform a little feeding ritual. Every day, the little male takes pieces from the suet feeder and feeds it to the female. It happens so regularly that I have even been able to take photos. Also for quite some time, I’ve watched a…

Scenes from the office

Or scenes  from my view at the dining room table that currently serves as my home “office,” that is. I cannot get over the amount of wildlife traffic in our little back patio area. Granted, I’ve been putting out birdseed, so I’ve stacked the deck a bit in my favor, but still. One of the…


“Do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa For two days from our back door, I’ve watched this male downy woodpecker take chunks of seed from the suet feeder and go feed the little female. Such a tiny thing, but such an act of love. And a total joy to watch.


Four little birds, so many perch choices.

Hello, little one

Tonight I left the front door open so the cats could watch the outside world through the glass storm door for awhile. (We call it cat television in our house.) As the cats hunkered down and I tidied up around the living room, I heard the sharp, alarmed chirp of a robin outside. Repeatedly. I…

Unexpected Guest

My neighbors’ chickens had a visitor this morning. A lovely, unusual visitor. Their ruckus would indicate that I was more enthused about and fascinated with this guest than the chickens were. Fortunately he mostly napped before taking his leave. Isn’t he a beauty?

Unique Joy

“By being yourself, you put something beautiful into the world that was not there before.” – Edwin Elliott I spotted this quirky tulip during an evening run last week. More than that, it stopped me in my tracks. I marveled at this proud little thing standing where it really didn’t belong. Clearly it was oblivious…

Owls & Orchids

Made some new friends at the Butterfly House tonight at the Owls & Orchids event. First I met the owls that were feathered… Yes, these are alive…and yes, that is that owl’s real expression. Then I met the other winged owls…1,000 owl butterflies!  Before I walked in, the guide told me that the butterflies were “just waking…

Be You.

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” — Maya Angelou


I know I’ve been blogging floral photos constantly lately — and I confess that I headed to the park this afternoon to take more. But then I became a little sidetracked. Check this guy out! He wasn’t crazy about me, but he indulged me for a few minutes. But then he decided he’d had enough…

Why DO birds sing in the morning? (video)

This little fella greets my fellow office mates like this almost every morning. It’s the happiest, most uplifting thing. I just love him. When I saw this fun article (click here) explaining why birds sing in the morning, I immediately thought of him.  Happy First Day of Spring!!