Scenes from the office

Or scenes  from my view at the dining room table that currently serves as my home “office,” that is.

I cannot get over the amount of wildlife traffic in our little back patio area.
Granted, I’ve been putting out birdseed, so I’ve stacked the deck a bit in my favor, but still.

One of the baby chipmunks is a particular fan of the seed that drops from the feeder.

For the third day in a row, my lovebirds are back, the male carefully feeding the female.

The whole chipmunk family got together on the patio when I tossed a handful of seed out the door.

But this is how my day started. Last night, I’d swept all of the bird seed off the patio. I replaced it this morning, but not before catching some attitude from this guy who was anxious for chow time.

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