Must be October

The above cardinal from yesterday was my day twenty-three delight. This lovely creature lingered in my back yard for much of the afternoon, his unmistakable song drifting through my screen door. I think he likes the berries on that tree.

Of course, if you live in St. Louis, a cardinal in October means something very different: post-season baseball. This season has been nothing short of magical for our city and I’m already sad that it will all be over this month. We’ll never see the likes of Albert Pujols, Yadi, and this special Cardinals team again in our lifetime. What a gift.

The below cardinal was some wonderful graffiti from my weekend adventure with my best friend. I’ve taken photos of these walls before, but this is the first time my view wasn’t obstructed by parked cars.

Although I’ve never noticed our little friend E.T. before. I don’t know what it says about me that his hand gestures look a little…rude.

Even the sidewalks are lovely in this area. Check out this random mosaic.

Day twenty-four’s surprise and delight doesn’t have an accompanying photo. I was reminded that today is Snoopy Day! Snoopy was introduced 72 years ago today — just two days after the debut of the very first Peanuts comic strip.

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