Too Much is Just Enough

“If you love something, love it completely. Cherish it, say it, but more importantly, show it. Life is finite and fragile, and just because something is there one day, it might not be there the next. Never take that for granted. Say what you need to say, then say a little more. Say too much. Show too much. Love too much. Everything is temporary but love. Love outlives us all.” – R. Queen (@projecthappiness_org)

Ooooh, I spotted this quote during my morning scrolling and it has stuck with me all day today.

Love outlives us all.

Isn’t that the truth. If you think about it, what is grief other than love with nowhere to go?

Yet many of us leave so much love unexpressed while we still have the opportunity to put ourselves out there. We get busy, we get sidetracked, we get caught up in the assumption that we always have more time.

Of course that’s not the case.

So I’m thankful for this cause for pause and redirection. I’m thankful for a new month and a new opportunity to love with reckless abandon — love my people, love the world and all of her gifts, love my life.

This month, I will try to… continue to assure others of their awesomeness. Take way too many photos of every new bloom I encounter in the park (or the neighbor’s garden) and share them way too often. Celebrate every small win and gawk at every hint of beauty that presents itself. Ensure that my people know that I love them every chance I get. And then I’ll tell them some more.

Because life is incredibly short and I don’t want to take a single moment for granted.

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