Good day, good life

“Name three good things that happened to you so far today.”

I saw a video today that suggested that turning your mood in a more positive direction is as easy as 1-2-3. She interviewed a series of people and asked them to rate how their day was going on a scale of 1-5 — 1 being the worst, five being the best. Then she asked them to name three good things that had happened to them so far that day. After the individuals identified their three things, they were asked if their rating for their day had changed. Without exception, each person saw improvement and raised their score.

I’ve heard of reaching the end of the day and listing three things for which you are grateful. But I was surprised to realize that listing three good things that have happened to me today is actually a totally different exercise. A very useful exercise.

Three good things that happened to me today?

  • I worked from home with the windows and doors open to let in the gorgeous spring weather.
  • My neighbors’ tulips are blooming.
  • I went to a baseball game with my son this evening — and got a Peanuts bobblehead.

I think this exercise helps us view our day through a positive lens, while our gratitude lists help us view our lives through a positive lens.

Three things for which I’m grateful?

  • I woke up and had a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear and a job that pays my bills.
  • My children are happy and doing well with careers they love.
  • My dog and the wonderful company he provides every day..

I think I’ll start asking myself both of these questions regularly. I don’t think we can have too much positivity in our lives.

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