Shared joy

“A dog wags his tail with his heart.” – Martin Buxbaum

Day twenty-five‘s surprising delight happened on our way home from the park. The top was down and Finn was in his car seat (looking into every car window we passed) as we pulled up next to an SUV at a stoplight. When we came to a stop, the tinted back seat windows rolled down and a little boy and girl squealed with delight as Finn stood on his hind legs to get a better look at them. My goofy dog wiggled and strained against his safety harness trying to get to those children and presumably smother them with love, which only made them giggle more. I loved witnessing their joy and loved even more than we helped contribute to it.

You know, I’d always longed for a dog because of how selflessly they love their owners. Turns out, one of my favorite things about having a dog is how much love he has to offer everyone — and how much love he receives in return. He brings out the best in people and it makes me so, so happy to share his affection with others.

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