Good choice

Every day you have an important choice to make.

Whether to cherish or waste the most valuable blessing you have – time.

Today you have the choice to spend it wisely, appreciating every minute of your life, loving the people that love you, focusing on all the good you have.

Find what makes you happy,

find people who make you smile,

find hobbies that make you feel joy.

Today is your new chance to take control of your happiness. – @higherperspective

More inspired words discovered and shared from Instagram. What was really fun about reading the above post is that I was able to look back on my Sunday and say, “You know, I chose well today.” After starting with (virtual) mass, I spent time with friends, took two long walks with Finn on a perfect fall day (and had all of the above photos to show for it), put the finishing touches on some of my favorite cookie designs I’ve ever created, listened to great Christmas music (I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet – don’t judge), savored the riot of fall colors – much of which is on the ground now, and watched Christmas Vacation.

I loved this day and I am very pleased with way I invested my time. It might not sound remarkable, but throughout the day I felt everything from joyful, awed and amused to peaceful, loving and inspired.

It was a true day of rest. Not physical rest, but a rest for the soul. And it was good.

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