Seven Ways…

…to love yourself.

1.) Celebrate small things.

2.) REST.

3.) Say “no” to toxic people.

4.) Express what you need.

5.) Set boundaries.

6.) Slow down.

7.) Forgive yourself.

I saw this list on Instagram (@chronically_cheerful) recently, which seems to be my magic 8 ball of self-care wisdom these days.

And I thought those were some pretty great reminders. But I do think a big one was missing: Savor what you love, which is closely related to “celebrate small things.” To love yourself, you have to surround yourself with the things you love. And these recent photos from my phone are all about taking the time to savor them.

First photo: Examine the fallen leafs in your yard. Second photo: Pause extra long at the stop sign at your favorite spot along your morning commute to appreciate the gorgeous morning light and color explosion. Third and fourth photo: Compare how street lamps illuminate colorful fall foliage during an after-dark run in the neighborhood. Not pictured: Listen to your dog sigh contentedly at your feet. Appreciate the resulting warmth of a napping elderly cat on your lap. Close your eyes while listening to a beautiful piece of music. And close your eyes again when taking your first sip of a hot chai latte. The love list goes on.

The weekend is here, so love yourself by surrounding yourself with everything you love.

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