Five Words

Five words to keep in your vocabulary (even when you’re facing the unknown):

1.) Rest

The act of ceasing to work in order to be refreshed and recover your strength (even when you don’t think you’re worthy of it).

2.) Play

To engage in an activity just for the fun of it (even when there’s no definitive factor of why it’s important or how it’s productive).

3.) Curiosity

A stirring desire to look around right where you are to learn something new (even when there are unknowns ahead of you).

4.) Dream

A cherished thought of something you would like to happen (that even when it seems too childish or impractical, you can still recognize the act of dreaming itself as something that keeps hope stirring within you).

5.) Grace

Grace is unmerited favor giving you permission to see who you are beyond what you do. Grace is the sun that rises yet another day (even as you wait for other things to fall into place).

This list came from an instagram post from Morgan Harper Nichols and I just loved it. Especially #5. There’s just something about the word “grace” that moves me — and this description is especially beautiful.

And these are some scenes I’ve loved at Forest Park lately. Although I’m pretty sure I love the ones with my puppy most. He’s so darn cute.

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