Social distancing…self isolation…flattening the curve…
whatever you call this, it’s a strange, scary time.

But as the days drag on, I never forget how ridiculously fortunate I am.
– I have a steady income and a home to protect me
– My family is healthy and well

– Fresh air can’t be cancelled
– Spring continues to make her debut, blissfully unaware that human life is at a standstill
– My outdoor running routes aren’t closed
– So many people are looking out for one another
– I have enough of what I need

But never again will I take for granted…
– a full church service
– hugs or even handshakes
– crowded arenas or stadiums cheering

– Stocked grocery shelves
– Dinner with friends
– Health care workers
– Grocery and pharmacy workers
– Freedom to travel
– Normalcy and mundane, boring routines

Be safe, be well, be blessed.

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