Christmas in the Desert – Part II

The football game was all about my boys, the light festival was for all of us, but the Desert Botanical Garden was my Christmas gift. Although as it turned out, we all loved it.

Our Botanical Garden has a reciprocal agreement with this garden, so we only had to pay admission for one of us. But that’s where the commonality ends. This place could not be more different from our garden. It’s not better, it’s not worse — there’s no way to compare the two. I love both places for entirely different reasons.

Turns out my son is a talented photographer. It’s a joy to watch him work and see his photos.

See the face?

This was fascinating. This little girl was so busy — twirling, chattering and wandering — until she spotted my boys. She was fascinated. She fell silent, became perfectly still and just stared at them. Then she toddled closer to get a better look. I’m not sure how long she’d have stood there if her parents hadn’t come over and scooped her up after a while. It was adorable.

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