Christmas in the Desert

This was the view from the plane over Arizona — a trip that was our family Christmas gift. It was last-minute, very brief and it’s a long story, but what an amazing time!

Here is the reason we chose Phoenix: my oldest son is a Rams fan; my youngest fan is a Cardinals fan and I am their fan — and the teams were playing each other right before Christmas.  It worked out perfectly for all three of us. (Except for my Cardinals fan when his team lost.)

Now they’ve seen these teams play each other in both stadiums. But this was a dream come true for my youngest. So much so that it made me tear up to watch.

This was the scene after the game as we walked to our hotel. Can we talk for a minute about Arizona sunsets?? Good grief, what a show. It just kept becoming more and more gorgeous.

After the sky put on a light show, we headed to a Christmas festival in Glendale for Christmas lights.

Along the way we saw Santa snoozing…

…while the Santa around the corner was rocking out.

We made this cute little friend during dinner.

I cannot remember the last time we had this much fun. There is no place I’d rather be than in the company of my kids. I don’t care where we are. But this was so special — perfect temperatures, diverse and lovely people and an amazing place. Lucky, lucky me.

More to follow in another post.

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