“blessed-ful (adj.) Sacred, holy; blessed, blissful” – Middle English Dictionary

Earlier this week, I had a woman tell me to have a “blessedful” day. Now that’s  something I’d never heard from a well-wisher before. I honestly thought she’d made the word up. But I looked it up and found the above description in the Middle English Dictionary.

Blessedful. Sacred, holy; blessed, blissful.

 The word has stuck with me ever since. I guess I’d always thought of being “blessed” as having things on the outside — health, family, home, etc. But “blessedful.” That feels different somehow. It’s just a bit bigger than blessed. Maybe it’s the “ful” at the end. Or perhaps “full,” is more like it. Full is something you are on the inside. May your day be full of bliss…full of what’s sacred, full of what’s holy.

And you know, I did have a blessedful day — right down to the core of my heart, and the space where God lives and breathes in me.

Seriously, is there a better wish to extend to someone than that?

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