A Special Eclipse

So…I know I’m weird, but I wasn’t caught up in the eclipse hubbub before today. I’d seen the t-shirts, articles, Facebook posts, etc., but I hadn’t given it much thought and didn’t really care to. I hadn’t even bothered to purchase the glasses just in case.

But today I finally caught the bug. There was something so contagious about my friends’ and colleagues’ excitement. And oh, how nice was it to see everyone united over something during this time of such division. Even if it was for two minutes, people were able to just shut up and enjoy. We were in the path of totality, so there was even more excitement. Someone was kind enough to give me an extra pair of glasses so I could participate in the viewing with the rest of our building.

This was the view out my office window looking over our parking garage towards the beginning of the eclipse. It looked like any other day.

But soon we went outside and it started to get darker. More people gathered.

Then everything went dark. The streetlights came on and the cicadas were set abuzz. It was fascinating. Ooohs and ahhhs were all around.

I will readily admit that this was special — I’m so grateful I didn’t miss out on it. What a gift.

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