Note to Self

“Note to self: No matter what, hang on to that part of you that gasps at a beautiful sunset or gets super excited about a new notebook or a freshly baked cupcake or a dog you just met on the street. Allow yourself to be regularly startled and humbled by joy.” – Nanea Hoffman, Sweatpants & Coffee

Pretty sure there are few quotes that sum up my existence quite like this one. So many little things have filled my heart lately.

Like the neighborhood school’s garden that is beaming with sunflowers.

And the brilliant rainbows the our new front door casts all around our first floor.

Or watching storms roll in on the horizon from my office window.

Or every bundle of fresh flowers I bring home from the store.

Or friendly greetings along my run.

And nature’s love notes.

There are so, so many reasons to be happy, grateful, and awed.

Wishing you a joy-filled week.

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