A Good Look Around

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – Marc Riboud, French photographer

Isn’t that the truth? I’ve been a visual and creative girl since day one, but never did I observe, absorb, and experience my surroundings the way I do now having picked up a camera. Seeing and thinking as a photographer (photo hobbiest, in my case) is a constant exercise in gratitude. There is breathtaking beauty to behold on the smallest and grandest of scales. Not to mention humor, love, and general weirdness. I’ve never smiled and said “thank you” as much as I do at this point in my life.

I mean, these simple grocery store peonies provided several days worth of adoration and photo ops.

This rose bush makes me laugh every time my running route takes me nearby. It seems to be asking me to help break loose.

And then, well, there are things like this. It’s not particularly beautiful, but it provided yet another, “Hey, I need to pull over for a second” moment on a road trip that made my kids laugh. (I’m sorry, but how creepy is that clown.)

Seriously, what did I ever do before finding this hobby?

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