Distracted Runner

As I’ve described in earlier Distracted Runner posts, there’s a reason I’m a horribly slow runner. And it’s not just because of the way I’m built or my lack of talent (though none of that helps). Rather, it has everything to do with my attention span. Seriously, I ran five miles today and took photos all along the way. But oh well. It was hot and it made things interesting.

For starters, how is it that a flower can bloom in the seam next to an asphalt curb without encouragement and I can’t keep my window box flowers alive?

Apparently a flamingo in your yard isn’t a festive enough statement on its own.

The Grinch stopped me in my tracks.

Trying to decide if this vacant establishment is waiting for babies or has already let them go.

Since when do these petals hold seeds like spoons? And don’t the seeds look like little matches?

While it used to bother me, I honestly do not care any more that my runs take longer on days like this. There was lots of fun stuff to take in and I’d hate to miss any of it.

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