Distracted Runner, Sunday Edition

This morning brought sunshine and my long run for the week. While I enjoy them, long runs are tough for me — but not for the most obvious reasons. Ten and a half miles outdoors provides a lot of territory for observation and the risk for distraction is super high — especially for someone who dabbles in photography. As always, temptation got the better of me and I ended up documenting a few things along the way.

First up…well, whatever this is. It startled me because I thought it looked like Jack Skellington’s face. So of course I had to stop.


Next up…I suppose this is someone’s school project that never quite made it home. But I liked the colors and took it as a sign of spring. So, naturally I made another stop.


I can only assume that this next piece is Lost School Project Part II. Isn’t it appropriate to celebrate spring with a party hat? Sure it is. You can see why I had to stop.


No idea who this is or what this is, but little princess here seemed very happy with the day as well. It would have been rude not to stop.


Then there was this last distraction. The best one of all.
As I approached a certain yard, at first glance I thought that perhaps someone had scattered confetti in the grass. It was only when I came right up on them that I realized that I was witnessing the very first signs of spring.
These pretty things were popped up all over the front lawn of this house. No way was I running by this without stopping to admire and express my thanks.



So…suffice it to say, my pace wasn’t something to brag about…and neither was my finish time. But I’m not too worried about it. It was a beautiful day, an entertaining run and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I was slow, but mindful. And now I’m grateful.

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