The Heart Knows

“Let your heart guide you. Listen closely, it whispers.” – unknown 


I’m not sure when it started, but I seem to have developed a thing for spotting hearts. Rocks, tree knots, oil spills, ice patches, leaves, grease spots, mud clumps…you name it, they’re everywhere.

Over time, I’ve tried to share some of my heart sighting photos on Facebook and Instagram — and several friends have been kind enough to share their own heart sightings in return. Few gestures are more meaningful or rewarding to me, as one of my goals for my photography is to encourage people to see things differently. But recently, a friend really got me thinking. She sent me a heart leaf photo that a friend of hers had posted. The caption explained that when she and her children spot a heart shape, they say their granny has come to visit.

Hmph. I’d never thought about that.

I’ve always referred to these hearts as “life’s love notes,” but it never occurred to me that they could actually be signs from someone. What a neat and comforting thought! If this is actually true, I’m not sure who visits me so often, but I sure appreciate the love.

I spotted the above heart carving on a tree trunk this afternoon and had to laugh because it could possibly be my name faded at the bottom. I didn’t do it, by the way. 

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