Blessings on Ice


This is Archie, the resident cat of our neighborhood hardware store. He was overseeing shopping preparations last night as people poured in to buy flashlights, batteries, candles, water, etc. Not only is he a hard-working kitty, he’s a big, purring love bug.

With a three-day icy forecast, I stocked up on everything we needed to settle in and wait it out. We’ve been home ever since.

It’s not convenient, I’m nervous that we’ll eventually lose power, but I find snow/ice days oddly healthy. They simplify things. They force all of us to pause, live in the present moment and not look or work busily towards something in the future. With only a few emergency personnel exceptions (and thank God for them), our work really isn’t as time-sensitive as we so often feel. We can adjust. Work from home. Even if it’s just for a day, we realize that if we don’t have health and safety, we don’t have anything.

And perhaps, most important and obvious, days like this are an exercise in gratitude. Our cats monopolize the floor heating vents, but we’re warm. We have blankets and heat. We have days’ worth of meals, drinks, and snacks. Our choice of healthy nosh or crap. We have a roof over our heads while the world outside is coated in ice. We’re safe, dry, and without struggle. Obviously we’ll have some issues if the ice compromises our power, but that, too, will be temporary. And we’ll adjust. It will be alright.

Even in the midst of an ice storm, we continue to be blessed beyond reason.

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