In a Word…


“This is why your race times are so bad.”

That thought crossed my mind so many times tonight as I took photos along my running route.

Including when I took the above photo of what I presume to be a discarded ice cream cone wrapper in the grass.


Which was along the same street as this. This is one of at least a dozen photos I took of this trellis entry.

As I trotted off from the ice cream wrapper, I started thinking about the word “joy.” How many times did I smile at the photo opportunities presented to me tonight? Or even feel joy? Every time. So why do I constantly criticize myself for my distracted mind? Even without my photo habit, I’m never going to be a fast runner. I’m not built that way. But that’s never been the goal. The goal has always been to be healthy and to have fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not decided to give myself permission to be lazy or not work hard. But I am giving myself permission to pick my running routes based on what flowers are blooming, and to take as many photos as the spirit moves me along the way. And permission to sacrifice speed for the sake of beauty, awareness, and…joy.

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