Life is Good

There are good days and then there are really good days.

Today was a really good day.

Our first trip to Alabama has not disappointed. These first few photos are from a stop outside of Mobile.


Before setting out on this seemingly normal and harmless path, a nearby woman suggested that we eat our sandwiches first.


When I asked why, she gestured to this nearby sign.


I’m sorry…WHAT? There are gators here?? And snakes?? WHAT?


Yup. We saw a big gator (above) and a baby gator (below). Fortunately no snakes.



Creepy reptiles aside, I really liked this bayou area. It was entirely different from anything I’m used to. The plants, critters, people, even the light seemed different.




Then we drove about 45 minutes to Gulf Shores.

Oh yes. This was one happy Pisces girl.


The sand is so fine and soft…and the water is warm. I was surprised there weren’t more people out enjoying it.


I was fascinated by the impact of the waves on the sand.




This couple was so friendly and kind, like so many people we encountered today. We encountered some truly lovely people today, but they were really special. My son’s girlfriend was on a quest to find a sand dollar. We walked slowly along the edge of the waves, collecting shells and searching for sand dollars. Then inexplicably, the woman from this couple came over and handed my son’s girlfriend a sand dollar she had found. We have no idea how the woman knew that she was wanting one. It felt like a God-wink.


But the ocean yields happiness.


The sand dollar woman made the comment that she didn’t see how anyone could be around the ocean and not believe in God.

I agree. And if you look closely, God is in the details, too.



We had dinner at an oceanside place and these “skulls” were on the wall. Bike seats and handle bars. Too funny.


It wasn’t tough to be happy for this moment.


And I’m grateful this moment is my life. It’s a good one.

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