What’s the hurry?

I’m pleased to share that I have a Distracted Churchgoer post that does not include photographs from church. It nearly killed me, but I promised myself ahead of time that I’d leave my phone in my purse during the service.

First temptation: a man with four children slid into the pew ahead of me — including triplet boys, approximately four years old, all dressed alike. Green and navy striped polos, navy cargos, and sandals. Aw, man! Are. You. Kidding!? You’re killing me, Smalls. So stinking cute.

Then I had to get up so another father could slide into my pew. A father and his SIX children. Come on!!! (By the way, dude, is it a good idea to arrive to church late when you have a litter? You need a pew to yourself!) Then I noticed another dad in the pew behind me with two boys. 

Three solo dads with twelve children between them. My head nearly exploded. I was way distracted by the hubbub at first, totally amused and on visual overload. But then the service got going and the urge to reach for my phone faded. 

There were sooo many good words used today: peace, love, steadfast, forgiveness, refuge, healing, care, thank you. It was the most relaxed I’ve been all week. 

Then I noticed something strange that relates to this fortune I got today.


All three dads and their collective tribes left straight from taking communion. Didn’t even stop by the pews. Just guided their kids right out the door. I really don’t understand that. Are their days that busy that they can’t wait another eight minutes for the blessing?  There wasn’t a poorly-behaved kid in the bunch, so it wasn’t like that pressure shooed them out. I’m not judging or criticizing, just feeling bad for them. It’s hard to enjoy anything when one is that hurried.


 Of course, it is this very attitude that gets me into trouble in another facet of my life: my running. 

I definitely don’t rush.

And I certainly do pause and enjoy. 
 My dilly-dallying makes for some super slow runs. 

Now, if I could only manage to maintain this patience and peace in all facets of my life. I’m going to keep that fortune as a reminder, for sure.

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