Unusual Beauty

“The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.”

Tonight, I found a really nice one.

We’re back at the hospital for another round of the dreaded MRIs. The same MRIs that confine my kids to a claustrophobic tube for anywhere between three and four hours a pop. A recent development with these grueling visits for Drew, adding insult to injury, is that he passes out when they insert the IV into his arm. It’s especially bad when his stomach is empty. 

So tonight we thought we’d play it safe and grab him a snack from the cafeteria before heading to radiology. Much to our (my) chagrin, both the cafeteria and snack bar were closed for the evening. So I went to the security station to ask about vending machines. Instead of giving me directions, the guard disappeared for a moment and returned with a selection of snacks from her footlocker. “We can’t have that boy passing out, now can we,” she said with a smile. Drew made his choice, thanked this beautiful stranger, and we went on our way. As soon as the elevator doors closed, I let the tears come.

I wonder if ALL hospital staff understand that they are as much a part of our care team as our doctors? They may not be able to diagnose or cure, but they can comfort and soothe. They can be present and empathize. They can make sure my kid has something in his belly and ward off wooziness. They can help prop this worried and weary mom.

Thank you, security guard, for being my nice person today. And thank you, God, for beauty in unusual places — both in terms of your people and your creations. 

Loved these small sightings from today.


 When spring rains meet Bradford pear blooms…


I’m so ready for this visit to be over, but still holding gratitude in my heart.

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