After a flood of visceral hatred and ugliness filling my Facebook feed (worse than the typical political spewage), I’ve begun to seriously flirt with the idea of dropping Facebook altogether. I love keeping up with a number of friends over social media, but the constant barrage of negativity and righteous indignation has become too painful. Between the irrational outrage over the color of a coffee cup (seriously?) to blatantly racist posts about a university to which the posters have no affiliation, it seems that decency, civility and respect has been lost somewhere along the line.

But then there are nuggets like this that restore my faith in social media — and humanity. (Link to story here.) Check out the story of Leon Logothetis as he embarks on a “journey across America” to “spark a contagious chain reaction of acts of kindness starting with unsuspecting Good Samaritans.” The above video is just one of his stories of kindness and help. His full background story is here.

This is awesome. An entire life dedicated to spreading kindness and helping others says so much more about a person’s spirit than his or her coffee cup.

For crying out loud, let’s just #GoBeKind.

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