10 Simple Daily Practices

This really great article from Elephant Journal is too good not to share. A list of 10 simple, transformative daily life practices. So simple, but such good reminders. Here’s a link to the article, but below is the free prize inside.

1.) Have good posture. Sit and stand up straight. Lengthen your spine. Lift the crown of your head. Grow tall.

2.) Breathe. Breathe deeply and consciously. It helps immeasurably, especially if you’re tired, stressed, angry, upset, worried, overwhelmed or confused. In other words, human.

3.) Walk with mindfulness. Walking with mindfulness can be done when walking at a normal pace, even when listening to music, sometimes, if you want. Notice your feet and legs, Ankles and knees and hips. Your breath. How amazing that your body can move this way, so smoothly transporting your bones around. Walk with gratitude. Walk with wonder. Walk with mindfulness.


4.) Act from the heart. Practice Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. Cultivate compassion. Do random acts of kindness.

5.) Honor your body. In daily life practice, this means sleeping when tired, eating when hungry, going out and socializing when you need to interact and communicate, staying home and reading and meditating when you need to contemplate. Relaxing when you need to relax. Moving when you need to move.

6.) Honor your emotions. Emotions come and go all day long, nonstop. They overlap and at times we can feel 10 different and sometimes contradictory things all at once. Humans are complicated, but we all experience the same types of emotions. Honor them, feel them, let them go naturally when their time is up. Whether a pleasurable or unpleasant emotion, see if you can allow it without attaching to or pushing it away.

7.) Serve somebody. Act on the behalf of others. Be selfless.


8.) Exercise. Any form of exercise can be a mindfulness practice. Be present. Notice your breathing. Notice your body. Notice your thoughts. Notice your emotions. Exercise is invigorating, healthy and spiritual, too, who knew!

9.) Relax. Slow down. Unplug. Shut down all your devices. Connect with nature, the fresh air, the sky, your breath. Lie down. Take a nap, maybe. Breathe and relaaaax.

10.) “Stop, drop and roll.” When I was in elementary school and they taught us about fire safety, the rule if your clothes caught on fire was to “stop, drop and roll.” For some reason, that slogan came into my mind recently, and I realized that it’s applicable to daily life practice, too.

When you get caught in a pattern of negativity—ill will, jealousy, anger, fear, self-hate or whatever it may be—stop.

Stop. Notice that you’ve been swept away from the present moment.
Drop. Let it go. Just as simple as that. Surrender. You don’t need to hold onto it anymore.
Roll. Life goes on. Continue on your way until you need to stop, drop and roll again.


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