Little Loves


Yesterday was my first training run post-respiratory virus. And oh boy, was it a rough one, given that two weeks have passed since my last run. Exhausting as it was, my route showed me some holiday-appropriate love — both natural (above nutshell) and man-made (little plastic heart sitting on a bridge). I’ve spotted random hearts in nature before, but these blatant love notes appearing on Valentine’s Day surprised me. Both gave me welcome smiles and cause for grateful pauses along the way. Leave it to a run to show me so much love.


 This morning, I spotted more love notes — just a different kind. When I first saw a scarf tied around a tree, I figured it had been dropped and someone found it and was kind enough to make it visible so its owner would find it. But then I noticed several scarves along the street — knotted around trees and wrapped around light posts. Upon closer look, each scarf had a note that said, “I am not lost. If you are stuck in the cold — please take this item to keep you warm.” Then it listed a web link (click here).

How wonderfully kind is this? Random acts of kindness to get people through the winter. I didn’t need a scarf, but these efforts warmed my heart. So I left the scarves and took the love with me.


The street with the scarves led to our crowded brunch destination — and this shiny little face. This little sunshine baby kept everyone smiling as we waited for tables to open up. She was adorably happy, curious and social. I loved how she seemingly viewed everyone as a potential friend. Such a little love bug.


So there were several things to love about this weekend. I’m sorry to see it go.


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