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All photos, credit Fred R. Conrad, New York Times

Confession: I’ve watched our recording of the 2015 Westminster Dog Show at least four times. I can’t help myself. I look forward to this event the same way some people wait for the Super Bowl. I’m a total and utter dog geek.

As such, after careful deliberation, I have decided that I would like to have a pug, a Golden Retriever, and a Basset Hound. But I wouldn’t turn down a Tibetan Mastiff, a Bloodhound, or a Brussels Griffin. Or a pound puppy. Or a senior rescue dog.

I just want a dog.

However, I have two beloved feline family members who do not share my sentiment. So as to prevent mass molting and keep the peace in my house, I’ll exercise restraint. No dogs right now. I’ll just continue to admire from afar….and enjoy the curled up balls of kitty love that are currently warming my legs and feet.

Check out this fun quiz on Westminster dog/owner look-alikes in the New York Times. Beyond how amusing this is, the photography is exquisite (a few shown above). Oh, the expressions. So, so gorgeous. But again, not helping to curb my desire to own a dog.

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  1. We love watching it, too…but not quite as many times as you. That’s awesome! 😃


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