It Will Be Okay.

This week brought a quick road trip with my son…but not the kind of adventure road trip we’re used to. This was a trip to his first “real” interview for a position within his field of study. Given that I was well into the second week of this lovely illness that has been rocking my existence, it should have been tough to gather some enthusiasm. But given this milestone for my boy, excitement prevailed.

And it didn’t hurt that the first leg of the drive included a Wienermobile sighting. How can one possibly be uncheered by a Wienermobile?


It even looks like it’s smiling back.


This may sound like a weird thing to say, but it never occurred to me that the Wienermobile needed gas.


How often do I get a four-hour uninterrupted audience with my son, filled with fun conversation (and a nap lull)? Not too often. And it was so nice.

For the most part, I sat in the car during his interview, staring out the parking garage and trying to recover some strength from the drive and this depleting virus. I was surprised by how lovely the construction was across the street. Not because of the structure itself, but the colors. The complimentary colors popped and made me smile. Even works in progress can be lovely. Kind of like this time spent with my son under these less than ideal circumstances.

My one venture out of the car included a walk to a nearby restaurant to grab a drink. And I spotted this note on the sidewalk. I laughed. Nothing like a little positive reinforcement from your chosen path: “Things might not feel okay right now, but you’ll get there. Just go that way.”


So I did. I followed in the arrow’s direction back to my car and, eventually, my boy joined me — his first “big-boy” interview behind him.

Today, I think I’ve finally turned the corner towards healing. I feel better than I’ve felt in days.

So, yes. Things will be okay. Just gotta keep going.

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  1. Eggleston, Don says:

    Get well, Laura Don

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