During my run tonight, I saw this plastic baggie tacked to a tree. Hrmph…never noticed this before. And I’ve run this route literally hundreds of times. Curious, I went off course to check it out. I thought maybe a good citizen had placed a lost item in the bag so an owner retracing his or her steps would find it.

But then I read the note.

Initially I startled, but then my heart grew three sizes.

GOTR stands for Girls on the Run, a nonprofit running mentoring organization for young girls. I’m not a part of their program, but I gratefully took their note to heart. The weirdest part? I noticed that “Something Beautiful” by the Newsboys was playing on my iPod as I read this. A sweet little coincidence that I took as a little message from the cosmos.

Do I really think I’m beautiful when I move? Uh no…not by any stretch. But I believe everything running has brought to my life is….the hard work, the new friends, the progress, the milestones, the pride, the good it’s done for my health. Moving really is beautiful.

(I didn’t “pick one” as instructed. I don’t even know what was in the bag. Didn’t matter; I’d already been given what I needed.)

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