It’s an Easter Egg Hunt!

my favorite

And for the first time in years, Tanner and I got to go!

Every year our church hosts a huge Easter Egg Hunt and this year pastor asked me to take photographs. Lucky me, Tanner offered to take my backup camera and help out!

It’s been so long since I’ve had little ones, I’d forgotten how much fun Easter Egg Hunts can be. The 0-2 year old group was my favorite. I loved watching them toddle around and grasp their eggs with little pudgy fingers.

And the clothes. Oh, the clothes. Just look at this hounds tooth. Dying here.

hounds tooth

And the smiles. Oh, the smiles!


This little guy loved striking silly poses and seeing his photo in his mom’s camera playback.

look at me

This little girl had all of us laughing. She wanted no part of a one-at-a-time egg collection technique. She bought in bulk.

bunch of eggs

whatcha got

Did I mention the clothes?



Remember the Campbell’s Soup kids? See below.


Pig tails!


Grrrrr on his head and his belly.


rabbit glasses




What a great time!

While I didn’t have a baby in the hunt, I had a blast taking photos of the hunt with my baby.
He’s a nice little photographer, I might add. I’m a proud mamma.

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