What was that?!

This was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. Remember that Murmuration video that went viral because it was so breathtakingly beautiful? These photos represent something I saw that was very similar, but on a much smaller scale…only these were not starlings. Nor did this take place in a remote natural setting. No, this seemed to be some type of crane that was flying over a busy thoroughfare near a shopping mall. I nearly wrecked the car when they glided overhead.

I managed to pull my car into a parking lot and snag a few photos that don’t begin to do this justice. (By the time I parked, dug out my camera and got out of the car, they had ascended to a point that it was really hard to zoom in. Argh!) This mass of birds silently (seemingly aimlessly) swooped and looped through the sky. I saw at least three separate flocks fly towards the cluster from out of nowhere, join in the weird dance, then fly out the other side and go on their merry way. This may be a perfectly normal/natural occurrence, but I’ve never seen anything like it and it blew my mind. It was strange, awesome, and sublimely beautiful.

Here’s the best I could do in the way of a crop to give you an idea of the type of bird it was. I have no idea.

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