Balance…and the lack thereof

Today I was tickled to find out that my office has used five of my photos (including the one above) to create new thank you cards/stationary. You know, when I started taking photos a few years ago, I didn’t have any ideas of doing anything with them…which resulted in nothing more than a small blog, some occasional gifts to family, and an overflowing hard drive. So it’s really strange to see them printed professionally. But oh, it makes me happy. And this particular photo makes me really happy because of the tiny little star halo going on in this coneflower. How cool is that?!

Boy, I sure wish I could find a way to balance photo-taking with my running.
Two of my greatest loves, they cannot be mixed in my world. The indisputable evidence is below.
Pity, because I see some of the greatest stuff when I run.


I took this during tonight’s run because clearly every cigar-smoking old man in overalls should be walking a basset hound. Seriously. No other breed would make sense. Except for maybe a bloodhound. And given that golden retrievers and the full color spectrum of labrador retrievers are traditionally deemed the only acceptable canine companions in my Stepford-ish neighborhood, this basset made me trip over myself. I don’t know if the blurriness of the photo can be blamed on my running or my laughter, but this was the highlight of my night. Totally made up for the numerous ankle turns and trips brought about by countless sweet gum balls and smashed persimmon guts littering the sidewalk.

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