I figure it never hurts to start the week with a bit of gratitude. So here are just a few of the things that have made me smile and say thank you lately.

– Blue skies after seemingly endless grey, dreary days

– Arrival of new cookie cutters for the neighbor kids’ Valentine gifts

– Finn and his adorable, soft, shaggy self after he’s had a bath

– Our mail carrier and her unfailing kindness – and gifts of Peanuts stickers for major holidays

– Strawberry cream cheese and warm bagels

– Black-capped chickadees sifting through the landscaping ivy

– Lunchtime walks with Finn and new heart finds (see blue skies reference above and photo below)

– Starting each day with favorite podcasts

– Vanilla bean paste (see new cookie cutters reference above)

– New running shoes that are colorful, playful and oh-so-fun

– Burning a new scented candle and discovering it’s my new favorite

– The anticipation of a possible snowfall

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