“If you look closely, you can find magic tucked inside of ordinary moments every single day… You can see it in how your momma looks at you with boundless love, even knowing your entire story, faults and all. You can feel magic as the sun rises, filling the air with endless possibility at a new day. You can feel it all around you when you walk into your favorite restaurant, knowing you’re about to savor some of your favorites. You can hear it the moments when the radio station plays your favorite song at the perfect moment, and you can’t help but turn it up and smile… Live for these moments of magic. Live for these moments of boundless joy and easy laughter. Live for these moments of quiet peace and warm smiles. They really are all around us, every single day, but we have to choose to see them.” – Nikki Banas, Walk the Earth

The above passage was the reflection a friend/colleague gave at the beginning of a meeting today and I just loved it.

Lately magic has been in abundance right underfoot and falling from the sky. From the leaves freshly settled onto sidewalks to the impressions left behind after a breeze sends them scurrying. Magic, magical.

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