Throwback Thursday – NYC

I just realized I never posted about one of my biggest personal joys I experienced last month. Something that has been at the top of my running wish list since the first time I learned about it. I’d blogged about my heartbreak in 2020 when it was cancelled due to COVID-19 after FINALLY getting in — and then again when I started training for the rescheduled race with cautious optimism this winter.

A little over a month ago…it happened. I ran the New York City Half Marathon.

At first, I was a little surprised when I figured out I haven’t blogged about it yet, as I like to keep a record of many of my life’s significant memories out here. But as I thought about, it’s actually quite fitting; nothing about this trip to New York City was normal.

A typical trip for me includes a robust schedule with countless tickets, plans and ideas, memorialized with a ton of photos to sift through when I get home. Each day I am out and about from morning until evening, packing every waking moment with experiences large and small, making and preserving memories every step of the way (often with several accompanying blog posts — including six separate posts from my last visit).

Not this trip. For starters, I took very few photos and took in very few experiences. I did manage to see a show on Broadway, enjoyed a jazz show at Birdland, got a unique view of the City and shopped a bit in Times Square. But I saw more of my hotel room in this trip than I ever have…just resting and preparing.

I still felt the love…

Because New York City IS love.

I also spotted some silliness.

Including some really impressive silliness (Three floors of retail space dedicated to these tiny candies is more than a little amazing to me.)

But I was in town for one reason and one reason only – to finally run my race.

Here’s where it all started — Prospect Park in Brooklyn before sunrise. Not gonna lie though, I was NOT prepared for how difficult the course was. Brutal. No other way to put it. Loved it, but it was just brutal.

But the stuff I got to see made it totally worth it. Yes, oh yes, there it is — the only event that shuts down Times Square besides the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

And my most precious hardware.

Lots of pain, an enormous sense of relief, more pain, and a flood of tears at the finish.

New York City Half, you were so worth the wait. And I will see you again.


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