Good Stuff

“The true happiness of your life lies not in the events that are happening, but rather in the quality of your own thoughts. Train your brain to see the beauty around you, to notice the little details, to see the good in people. Positivity is a choice. Your choice.” — @highperspective

So, the Lou got its first significant snowfall of the year recently. Like a businesses closed, winter weather warnings, stay off the roads, get your eggs, bread and milk from the store snowfall.

Also like a you’re training for a half-marathon, there’s absolutely no way you’re running outside for a few days, oh wait you don’t have a gym membership, snowfall.


Still, I did what I could, juggling my scheduled runs, finding what routes were the least icy and resigning myself to the fact that my times were going to be much slower than normal. Which is to say I would be walking a lot.

Yet somehow it’s been enough. And honestly, after I read the above thought of the day, followed by a look through a few recent photos, I realized it’s been more than enough. It’s been…good.

Thanks to the snow, I got to see the iconic Art Hill covered with sledders and tubers. I could hear the squeals of delight long before the hill was in sight, so I found myself smiling as I dodged patches of ice along the path.

I got to marvel at the brilliance of the cardinal, who positively glowed against the snowy landscape.

When I was finally able to get back out and run in my own neighborhood after work, I got to enjoy a little more of the sunset as we inch towards spring.

But most of all, thanks to the above thought of the day and these scenes from the past week or so, I had a realization that caused me to pause and be just a little proud of myself for a moment. I was reminded how hard I have worked to train my brain to spot the good in the world, especially when the situation is less than ideal. As I look back at my younger years, I wouldn’t say I was predisposed to a positive outlook. It’s taken some work and learning. It’s now a daily practice that requires effort. But it is also a choice, and it’s so worth it.

So now, when life, weather and other weirdness derails my plans, at least I can enjoy a smile.

Or two.

And I am grateful beyond measure – and will continue to work at it.

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