Small journeys

On the way to the office this morning, I realized how much being home for the last year and a half has made me enjoy getting out and about — so much that I even appreciate the stoplights along my route to work. I love to look around, see what’s developing (in nature or man-made). And check out these photos I got out my window at a stoplight this morning. There is an entire row of trees that has yet to shed, but boy, have they changed colors.

The red light took quite a while to switch to green, so I really got to admire these guys. When it finally turned, I drove off and realized that it’s not just the looking around that I appreciate about stoplights. I love the pause — taking a breath, sitting back for a moment, turning my attention to my music or the scenery around me or just saying a prayer.

Even a drive to work can be a small journey if we allow ourselves enough time and approach it with the right mindset. It doesn’t have to simply be a stressful and necessary evil to get from point A to point B. We can see how evolving seasons impact the landscape. Take note of weekly inspirational messages on various church or school signs. Take photos at stoplights. Resist the urge to yell out the window at the irresponsible kid who wore shorts to school or forgot his coat when it’s 30 degrees out that he’s going to catch pneumonia if you don’t knock it off, doggone it, and please put some clothes on!! Did your mother see you before you walked out the door like that? (Okay, that doesn’t quite go with the mindful tone I’m going for here, but that is an actual thought process that happens quite regularly with me as I pass one of many schools along my route.)

Anyway, I guess my point is that time is precious and we need to find every possible way to repackage each moment for our joy.

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