Things I wish for you

I spotted this wonderful sentiment and thought it was worth sharing with others (along with photos from my morning run in the Park and my later-in-the-morning walk with Finn).

Things I wish for you

  • That you go on lots of long walks and enjoy your own company.
  • That you learn that the real magic doesn’t come from self-improvement, but self-acceptance.
  • And that part of accepting yourself is embracing your potential. Come into the light, lovely one. The sun is shining for you.
  • That you realize the joy you once knew when life was far simpler has never actually left you. Go looking for it again and you will find it.
  • That you realize your heart is wild, strong and deep and growing old is a honor, it is not a curse.
  • And that every day means something from the last. So don’t give them away to your worries. Give your days to your dreams, to making each a bit more special than your last. There your potential awaits you. (@butterfliesandpebbles)

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