You’re doing great

Goodness, it seems like the leaves are slow going this year. But I’m milking every glimpse of color I can find. Even the ones like these just starting the transition give me hope.

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, I found an exercise/self-reflection on Instagram (@laurajaneillustrations) that I really liked: “7 ways to be more kind to your mind.” There’s one thought/action for each day of the week – and here is the one for Monday:

“Wake up, look in the mirror and say out loud 3 things you are PROUD of yourself for doing, achieving or overcoming. And if you find that challenging, simply remind yourself that you have faced challenge before, you survived and you are doing great.”

I’ll admit that I found this one uncomfortable – not difficult, just uncomfortable. Mostly because 99.9% of my life’s greatest difficulties and challenges (and resulting achievements in overcoming them) have been due to my own mistakes and decision making – and God generously providing course correction. I won’t detail my three answers, but I thought this was a really good exercise that was worth sharing. By and large, I think we are naturally so tough on ourselves and our own worst critics. We’re much more inclined to tell others that we’re proud of them and assure them that they’re doing great. It’s harder to extend that same credit and kindness to ourselves — and it’s certainly more rare. I was grateful for this invitation to pause and remind myself to look inward with the same appreciation I have for others.

Day three of seven coming tomorrow.

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