Reframing the ‘what ifs’

What if I fail?
What if I excel?

What if I go and have a terrible time?
What if I’ll have the time of my life?

What if none of this is worth it?
What if I can create my own purpose?

What if they’ll hate me?
What if they’ll be my new friends?

What if I’ll never be good enough?
What if I already am?

What if I never achieve this goal?
What if trying my best is good enough?

Oh my gracious, I needed this one. I read this on Instagram today (copy/concept credit: @crazyheadcomics/Matilda) and loved it so much. I am so guilty of imagining (and assuming) all of the worse-case scenarios before even considering the wonderful possibilities. Perhaps this is because it’s easier to default to the negative. Safer. Daring to prioritize hope and takes courage – and practice. This was a wonderful reminder to be mindful of my thoughts and create a more positive narrative of potential.

(Photo is a gift from a while back, a lovely offering from a neighbor’s garden.)

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